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Daviemoo is a 34 year old, politically fed up cis gay man living in North West England. He has bylines in The Egalitarian, Yorkshire Byline & created Politically Enraged as a weapon to be used against any government who oversteps its bounds when it comes to the people they claim to represent.

I’ve been working in recruitment specialising in medical personnel for a decade. I’m slowly building a following on social media, where I can regularly be found waxing angrily about the state of modern society, planning to study a masters degree in politics and media and hoping to create my own podcast where I speak in non-expert terms about the state of modern politics and how it should be addressed.

Having always been aware of, but not always influenced- or enraged by- politics, this blog is my way of coming to terms with authoritarian laws in the country I’ve been raised, and a written journal of my hope that we change. You can find my social media at @daviemoo and @politicalragers on twitter, @daviemoo and @politicallyenraged on insta and @daviemoo on Tiktok!

The purpose of Politically Enraged is to allow me a speaking place to platform my views- having quietly seethed against the tories for a long time, I cannot be silent any more and will be using this blog to air my views, along with those from people I truly respect.

I work in a small group of political commentators including Woke Sorceress (also Dr Maria Norris, creator of Enemies of the People podcast) Supertanskiii, Aid Thompsin, MattMatt777, Johnleftofthecountryside, TGA1976, Buildbackabillyblog, bed.h3ad, toby.presson and more to discuss the ever encroaching extremism sweeping our nation.

I enjoy the gym, playstation four, Amy Winehouse, Beverley Knight, cooking, music and horror movies.

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34 years old and fed up of the state of UK politics.

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  1. Love your content. Are you plugging this blog on all social media platforms? Ive seen it on tiktok – whet about insta/twitter etc?


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