If your wealth comes from the labour of others, you are liable to pay for their care

By Daviemoo

In this age, far too many of the working- and even the middle- class are desperate to jump to the defence of the super rich. Wealth of the sort amassed and, frankly, hoarded by the super rich is not the sort of wealth you could ever accrue naturally without a stupendous amount of luck. And many of the workers so ardently defending the freakishly wealthy seem to fundamentally misunderstand the system which allows this elitism to continue. So let’s focus on the how and the why- and the liabilities that come with being super wealthy.

Are you super wealthy? I’m not talking “owns a villa in Spain” wealthy. I’m talking “owns a mansion in 4 countries and a boat with staff on it” wealthy.

If you’re not- why would you ever defend someone who is for having to pay heavy taxation?

The first line out of people who defend the super wealthy is “THEY WORK HARD FOR IT!” which I’m sure is, in many cases, true. I doubt becoming cash rich to that extent isn’t easy. BUT! Unless your job relies on purely yourself- no agent. No production company. No workers, distributors, editors, managers… that money is made because of your work in conjunction with others. Even if your role is to just direct people- they’re still helping you to accrue that wealth.

“But they pay us!” absolutely. But that’s compensation for our time. What about our health? If we have to club together to contribute in a huge tax, why on earth shouldn’t they have to do very much the same, at a proportional level? Especially since if they are our employer- it’s at their requirement we spend time and our health (especially mid pandemic). So shouldn’t they then have to contribute to our health’s continuation? This also goes for those who says

Let’s be honest- many people who defend the super rich who AREN’T super rich tend to only do so because they hope, dream- expect? That some day, some how it will be them.

In a society driven so hard by capitalism that the government removes protections against a dangerous virus to inflate an economy decimated by Brexit, I can hardly say I’m supportive of capitalism whose framework is now littered with the bodies of working class people. Nor am I against socialism- in fact I often laugh when someone sneers at socialism, you ask them to define it and they go to great pains to explain capitalism for you. Ultimately no system is infallible- but at what point will British people as a whole stop collectively accepting that rich people’s money is beyond scrutiny but those who actively assist rich folk in attaining, maintaining and growing said fortunes must be riven to the bone by taxation and sub standard public services.

Equally, one must wonder why it’s considered fair for people to gather as much wealth as they do. Jeff Bezos’ net worth currently sits at 202.9 billion US dollars. That’s 146.5 Billion pounds. The UK’s annual spend, after covid, on health and social care- as two distinct entities- is projected to be £212.1 Billion. If you added in 25% of the wealth of Elon Musk- you could fund health and social care for 4 Countries for a year. If you just took Bezos’ net worth, Scotland and Wales together could be funded for 12 months.

How is it justifiable to hold that much wealth?

People will of course say Bezos started amazon which we all use- Tell me, does Bezos deliver? Package? Write adverts? Hire people? Stock warehouses? Run HR? Or is that… well, us, who keep his oligopoly of a monopoly going? At some point, that wealth is accrued in vast piles, by the work of people working underneath him. One person’s labour only goes so far. Equally, the labour of those underneath people like Bezos is, sometimes, at the expense of their health. Amazon workers have been found to be collapsing from exhaustion, going into work knowingly carrying coronavirus out of desperation to pay their bills, urinating in bottles to meet quota demands- Bezos hoards money made from the exhaustion of these workers and their health is damaged as a result.

Wealth of that size being modestly taxed would still leave Bezos or those in the stratosphere of wealth with unfathomably vast sums of money whilst actually doing huge amounts of good for the economies brave enough to pursue it.

But it seems that people would rather cling like dragons to wealth they could never possibly need or spend, than dip their Midas toes into the pool of altruism to try and make the world a better place- simply by paying their fare share of taxes to maintain the infrastructures that allow them to have grabbed all of this hard earned money.

Ultimately, an economy which allows this type of wealth to flourish is flawed- the redistribution of this wealth via taxation- feeding that money back into services and public health and infrastructure is how the ultra rich give back to an economy that has allowed them to flourish so.

Wealth is a privilege, not a right and it should not be seen as provocative to ask people whose money is piled up by those working beneath them to feed this money back into the system- not only to allow them to maintain this level of privilege, but to allow others to build their own equivalent wealth- with the surety of health protection and health insurance, with education being such that the maximum number of people in society access education which works for them, with roads that aren’t scarred from pot holes.

Money in such vast sums that would be paid by properly taxed individuals and corporations would be useful in the extreme- but instead we live in an economy built on taxing the poorest highest through NI, and where we bail out failing companies with public money to allow them to continue to take more money from the poor.

Welcome to the 21st Century, and welcome to Post-brexit Britain- Feifdom of the ultra rich.

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34 years old and fed up of the state of UK politics.

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