A personal update- from politically enraged

By Daviemoo

I’ve done my job for 10 years, in various forms. 11 if you count my strange introduction to recruitment via a firm run by a now well known fraudster which was “recruitment-esque”. And I’m so tired.

I’m really lucky- I’ve done a job I’ve loved for 4 and a half years- unfortunately, I’ve been in it for 5. The last six months as I’ve gotten more entrenched in political discourse, I’ve realised that a job I used to be obsessed with and get so much self esteem from is bad for me.

Unfortunately it’s possible for my PTSD to be randomly triggered at work and it’s only happened twice but that’s twice more than I need to be set off. PTSD is horrific and losing your shit in an office is not a fun experience.

I need a rest, I need to figure myself out and figure out how to move forward as a person from where I am. I also need to figure out how to fit this new obsession – politics- into my world so I can function as a person and still stay sane, and apprised of everything that this government and it’s myriad minions are doing. Therefore, I have handed my notice in at my job, and plan to live on some of my savings whilst I reorient my goals.

To this end, I’m using the time to focus on researching, learning, and making better more well informed content, richer and more fulfilling podcasts and working on activism I think is important, both political and more general. I also hope- fervently – that I may be able to pursue a masters in September of this year.

With this in mind, please consider checking out my podcast which can be found, to coin a northern phrase, all over’t shop: spotify, apple podcasts, anchor – whatever platform you like.

I’ve also made, much to the delight of the people who call me a shill and a grifter, a ko-fiplease do not donate to me unless you can or if you don’t want to, it is fine. I don’t need a patron like I’m a victorian composer hidden on a farm writing secret manuscripts. But if you do want to throw something my way, I’ll appreciate it. I laugh when people call me a grifter because I’ve been actively losing money on hosting the blog, on buying equipment like microphones, headphones and software to make the podcast and travelling hither and thither to try and attract the attention of other furious lefties. As gauche as it is to take advantage of capitalism unfortunately we all have bills- really fucking expensive ones now- thanks tories.

I’m doing what I do because I know in my bones that we can make the UK a nice place to live, a better place for people if we all connect and start working together to oust the scum that is the tories and any other bad elements in politics, rather than fighting each other.

I know where my head is at and who I am and I’m not going to give up fighting for us to do better- I hope one day I can shut politically enraged down because we’ll have made real headway and have a government who respects us and treats us right. But until then I’m going to keep fighting what I believe is the good fight and trying to make people here live better, happier, healthier, safer lives- and you should too.

Thank you to everyone who reads my blog posts, who shares them, who listens to the podcast and sends it to friends, to people who watch my videos or comment on the things I post on social media. Before I started reaching out I felt lonely and I felt like I was in a world gone mad- and now every day I speak to people just as confused as me about what’s going on, and people just as desperate for, and sure of, change which we will enact. You are all appreciated. Together we’re going to revolutionise politics.

Daviemoo is a 34 year old independent writer, radicalised into blogging about the political state of the world by Brexit and the election of serial failures like Trump and Johnson. Please check out the rest of the blog, check out Politically Enraged, the podcast available on all streaming platforms and share with your like minded friends! Also check him out on ko-fi where you can keep him caffeinated whilst he writes.

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34 years old and fed up of the state of UK politics.

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