How the fuck are you meant to survive?!

By Daviemoo

A month ago in the span of a week I was told my rent was going up, the same day I was told my council tax was going up. then 3 days later I was sent a letter by my energy company telling me that “green energy is expensive 😦 so we need to move you onto a different, more expensive green energy tariff because you love nature so much UwU”.
Today I got a letter telling me that wholesale energy is going up so- SO ARE MY ENERGY PRICES.
All of this is bad enough but last week the Bank of England had to step in to control inflation, again, because Rishi Sunak’s government is about as capable of handling economic crises as they are of being honest- AKA if it happens its only by bloody accident.
Food is ridiculously expensive, rent has ballooned, bills up, utilities up. So it all begs the question, how the shit is one meant to live in this day and age!

I’m 35. The reason I don’t have a mortgage is that I was in a relationship with an absolute arsehole for nearly six years, the type of person that keeps you on an £80 a month stipend then complains when you ask for your own money. We saved up a ton but because he was such an awful human, when I left, I left behind a huge pot of money that he’s no doubt used to get his own mortgage, hopefully in a house with a built in serial killer in the attic.
I’ve sort of given up on the idea of ever having a mortgage, and I’d be fine with that if rent didn’t just keep ballooning. But these days it’s not even rent that’s the problem. We’re told on high from politicians earning over £100,000 that we should be cooking meals for 30p a turn. Maybe squeeze a lemon over your half an instant noodle pack so you dont get scurvy though!

I mean really, why is everything so pathetic here. Half the populace will turn round and tell you to put up with the dire straits we find ourselves in, to just crack on as the country sinks into ruin. Who cares if your savings account is emptier than Suella Braverman’s pea head, we’re all giving up on luxuries right?

The other half of the populace is doing the equivalent of rolling up their sleeves and shaking them gently at the conservatives marching up and down the street.
What are we doing?

People are moving to smaller houses to afford to live, giving up on saving money, no longer spending money on things like the gym or move nights just to try and scrape that extra money back all to spend it on bills or rent or mortgage or, fuck, maybe just a block of cheese that’s now seven pounds. And all the while we’re told this is how it has to be, that you have to give up on spending frivolously during a cost of living crisis… of course, the people who glibly state that with smug looks on their dead eyed faces seem not to realise something crucial- you cant stimulate an economy you cant spend money in.
The government’s intellectual paralysis over this issue means we’re sinking deeper into a mire we had a year’s warning about, but the tories are more bothered about banning laughing gas. Outlawing laughter, welcome to tory Britain I suppose.

I don’t give a solitary shit if some teenagers are huffing laughing gas down an alley near my flat, I care about the fact that I can’t afford to live here. If the tories actually wanted to make a material difference in the UK, they might consider addressing one single actual tangible problem that we face, and doing so in a way that won’t cost us more in the long run.

Here’s the other branching issue. I’ve been talking about my mental health with my friends a lot recently, because, shockingly, it’s bad. But what’s to be done. The actual NHS is in tatters as it is, but let me be honest here- the NHS, in fact world wide healthcare, is SHIT at dealing with mental health. You can spend an hour on the phone ready to snap, only to be told to take a deep breath in a warm bath whilst drinking a cup of tea and I wish that was a joke. The NHS isn’t built on the prevention of mental health crises, it’s built on trying to minimise the nuclear blast from their inevitable happenings. There is preventative treatment available- priced so high that only the wealthy can afford it. But no doubt it would be a frivolous misspending to seek therapy to ensure you don’t snap…
Try getting diagnosed with ADHD. I sent my referral form in to my GP on 31/08/2022.
It’s April in 2 days and I’ve heard nothing, for a problem that has had an increasingly negative impact on my life.

The point of this rant is that the UK is ridiculous to live in right now, and I have to wonder if the populace plans to shake off its lassitude at any point. We’re having Rees-Mogg looking at snatching away our workers rights, reducing the quality of goods we buy, Raab and Braverman further destabilising your rights and status and all the while the government talking about getting on with what the people are concerned about… whilst doing nothing.

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34 years old and fed up of the state of UK politics.

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