Lack of ethics equals lack of politics

British politicians have failed us all, eroding our trust in politicians and firming up a climate of distrust which will only continue. Honesty is the least we can expect- and it’s less than what we’re getting.

Mediocrity in British politics

By Daviemoo The British political establishment continues to decline before our eyes, and though at the beginning of 2023 a national revolt or general strike seemed inevitable, confoundingly these rumbles of discontent have ebbed- but the steady stream of stories highlighting Westminster corruption continue, today with the news that ex Attorney General and now deportation…

Idiocy in modern politics

Modern politics thrives on rhetorical idiocy, which would fall apart under consistent questioning. This doesn’t happen: so misled people continue to feel represented by those who truly hate them.

The Flatlined Economy & The Betrayal of Britain’s Youth

Britain’s older generations have betrayed the younger, refusing to offer the next generations the help they had, and seeding lies about our fiscal irresponsibility into every media outlet. It’s time for the salacious nonsense about millennial ignorance to die, and for the elder generations to accept their role in hamstringing the young.

How the fuck are you meant to survive?!

By Daviemoo A month ago in the span of a week I was told my rent was going up, the same day I was told my council tax was going up. then 3 days later I was sent a letter by my energy company telling me that “green energy is expensive 😦 so we need…

The crispy crispy touch of burnout

By Daviemoo I’ve shut down. I’ve been off social media for over a week now. I can’t even look at the news- every time I walk past the big screen outside my gym that plays sky news and I see the tories I feel panic in my chest. I’m not even being (purposefully) dramatic. I…


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